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Bike Phone Mount Holder, Universal picture 1

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bike phone mount holder universal picture 1 300x300 - Bike Phone Mount Holder, Universal picture 1

Bike Phone Mount Holder, Universal picture 1

HSSOUY Mobile Bike Rack – the perfect companion for any bike or motorcycle enthusiast.

Whether you need to watch the phone, music, map navigation, time or location, HSSOUY mobile phone holders can be used to securely mount your equipment to the handlebars using high quality imported plastic clips and silicone straps. And the stand can be adjusted to any angle for easy viewing while riding

Suitable for most mobile phones

The silicone strap of the bicycle holder is adjustable and can be firmly adapted to any phone and iPod with a screen size between 4.7″-8″.

Compatible with most handlebars

The fixture can be adjusted to fit your bike or motorcycle with a handlebar size of 18-36mm.

High-quality materials:

1.X-shaped all-inclusive four-claw back clip, simple appearance, beautiful appearance, safety protection, firm structure;

2. One-piece U-shaped car clip + TPU soft rubber slip ring, no extra loose fittings, stable structure;

3.X-shaped four-claw back clip, the center rotary automatic angle adjustment adapts to different sizes of mobile phones, spring-type telescopic four-jaw and TPU soft rubber slip ring and protects the four corners of the mobile phone, and does not fall off;

4. The back clip of the mobile phone and the clip are connected by the ball head, and the 360-degree three-dimensional stereoscopic adjustment of the mobile phone perspective;

5. Car processing CD-pattern aluminum alloy shaft, stainless steel screw, copper nut, refuse to rust;

6. Disassembly and assembly is simple and quick, completely free of tool installation;

Full phone access

When your device is installed, you can use the mobile screen, buttons and microphone jack to play music. Use it without removing your smartphone or iPod.

Package Contents

HSSOUY mobile phone rack.