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Friday, February 26th 2021.

CREEYA Slingshot for Hunting, Professional Slingshots with 1.2mm Extra Thick Flat Bands,High Velocity Catapult for Adults Beginner Youth

$22.99  in stock
as of April 20, 2021 5:02 am


  • 「Extra thick bands」 We carefully choose 0.75mm,1.0mm,1.2mm thick from many different bands. According our experience, Heavy thick heavy duty flat rubber thick flat rubber band make it much more powerful from pulling and launching and quick release (compared to regular bands on the market from 0.4mm-0.7mm)-the thicker bands usually last longer till it wears out. We wish you can try different bands.
  • 「Installation instruction」you can read the installation instructions in the slingshot bag. Solve your installation problem. Easy to operate, easy to replace rubber and sighting device. Our slingshots are very popular among young people and beginners.
  • 「Accurate shoot」There are two mechanical sights. The medium to long distance observation of 5M~50M is very convenient. Combine 5 pin pointing to a more accurate shooting target.
  • 「Slingshot ammo」Recommends steel ammo shot 1/4" 5/16’’or 3/8" or clay ammo 8-10mm. You can use just about anything as long as it's small enough for the pocket.There are also different diameter balls.We think for most person.this diameter is the most suitable for you.
  • 「Package contents」1 X Slingshot,6 X Slingshot Rubber,4 X Mechanical Sighting Device,50 X Hard Clay Balls,100X Steel Ammo Balls,2 x Silicone Bullseye,1 X Great Slingshot Bag. We think this slingshot kits is excellent gift for kids boys children adult hunting tools fun outdoor sports games.

SiQ Smart Basketball - Automated Shot Tracking - Improve Your Game! Connects to SIQ App - Automatically Analyzes Shot Distance, Misses, and More! Game Ball (Mens-29.5")

$99.00  in stock
as of April 20, 2021 5:02 am


  • Real-Time Shot Tracking & Personalized Recommendations: We want you to crush your goals and dominate the court. With just your smartphone and the SIQ Smart Basketball, you can turn any standard hoop into an automated shot tracking powerhouse. That means improving your shooting skills anywhere, anytime! All you need to do is buy the ball and download the app.
  • Features You Want: Your Smart Basketball offers features unlike any other basketball on the market. Monitor your shot quickness (how quickly you get your shots off), see how you shoot from all areas of the court with the Heat Map, record your shots off the dribble, a pass or relaxed, like a free throw. You can track your range and push your shot distance further, improve your ball spin rate to get the perfect rotation, and maintain the right shooting arc for the right release angle.
  • FIBA Approved: Professional basketball players and international legends are fans of SportIQ Smart Basketballs. Not only are we personally used by pro basketball athlete Duncan Robinson, but we are internationally recognized and approved by FIBA. You can enjoy pro status with your home hoop or bring your ball to your team sport practice.
  • We Believe In Quality: Your SIQ Smart Basketball is made with premium synthetic leather, giving you a service life of 500 hours when tracking shots, i.e. when the ball is in contact with the app. This means you can shoot for 1.5 hours, every day, for an entire year!
  • How The App Works: You have the ball, now what do you do next? Download the SiQ App from your favorite app store directly to your smartphone. We offer two membership options that give you unlimited data collection. With our SIQ Shooter Pro monthly subscription, after 12-paid months we will send you a new ball (must take a minimum 3,000 shots in 6 months during the last 12 month period… imagine how much your game will improve after 3,000 shots!).

Caprier Wooden Slingshots for Adults and Kids, Hunting & Shooting Slingshots with Sturdy Construction for Catapult Game, Handheld Slingshot with Cotton and Clay Ammo

$9.97  in stock
as of April 20, 2021 5:02 am


  • HIGH QUALITY & ENGINEERED IN ITALY - construction made with premium wood to make it look sturdy and safe for your family
  • NICE HOBBY FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - Take your family away from Netflix and Phones and lead them into this amazing hobby of hunting. Remember to give the cotton ammo to your kids
  • CREATE NEW MEMORIES - Make a connection with the wild forest and have fun ! Take your kids and yourself for competition, training, shooting and hunting.
  • GOOD OLD TIMES - Remember your childhood and share with your kids, family and friends the experiences back then during your hunting times !
  • FULL COMPLETE KIT - Includes 1 sling shot + 1 rubber band spare, 100 clay ammo for adults and 20 cotton ammo for Kids

Introduction to Catapult data application

Presented by James Grant, Technical Sports Scientist.