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CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip

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camry digital hand dynamometer grip photo 003 - CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer GripTitle : CAMRY Digital Hand Dynamometer Grip Strength Measurement Meter Auto Capturing Hand Grip Power 200 Lbs / 90 Kgs
ASIN : B00A8K4L84
Description :


The Camry digital hand dynamometer is engineered as a professional training device for handgrip strengths suitable for any doctor’s office, physical therapy clinic, engineering lab, or the gym.

-Adjustable center knob allows the device to be adjusted for different hand sizes and preferences.

-19 definable users with options for gender and age to store, along with the ability to save and recall test results for each user.

Compares individual test run for each of the 19 users, and displays the incremental increase, or decrease from the last record.

Each test run is rated “weak”, “normal”, or “strong” based on age and gender data entered for each user.

-Easy switch from lbs. to kg. at any time, including for last recorded data.

How to Use

1. Remove the isolation tag from the battery case;

2. Press (ON/SET) button to turns on;

3. The middle two buttons (ARROWS up/down) allow you to select a different user. Then press (ON/SET) button to cycle between gender and age of the selected user, and edit the values using the arrows.

4. When you are ready you can hit the (START) button to test your handgrip.

5. Now if you press (ON/SET) button, it converts between LB / KG.

6. While squeezing, it shows the amount of force you are currently squeezing, as soon as you let go it shows you the max/peak of what you squeezed.

7. Press the (ARROW down) button if you want to save the result, or hit (START) button to retest.

8. After you test your grip, and the max result is displayed, if you wait 6 seconds it will then tell you how many lbs/kgs more/less you’ve done in comparison to your saved result.


Every hand dynamometer is individually hand tested for defects and accuracy before it leaves the factory.

We offer 5-year product warranty.

Features :

  • ACCURACY – Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor, the hand dynamometer gives you accurate momentary digital reading of gripping power. Measuring Capacity: 198lbs / 90kgs; Division: 0.2lbs / 0.1kgs
  • USER FRIENDLY – Squeeze the hand dynamometer with maximum isometric effort for at least 5 seconds. After testing, the LCD will automatically display the maximum grip value and a grip value status bar showing the status of “weak”, “normal” or “strong” according to age and gender preset for each test.
  • MEMORY RECORD – The device can store data for up to 19 definable users, and their records can be recalled anytime when needed; Moreover, the incremental increase or decrease from the last record will be automatically shown for comparison after each test.
  • Adjustability – Turn the adjustable gear to get an ideal grasp according to the size of hands. It is good fit for both big hand and small hand.
  • EASY TO READ – Large LCD screen shows all measurements clearly on the same screen. Displayed measurements include: user code, age, gender, grip value in pound or kg and grip status. Engineered for home, sports and clinical use. 2* AAA batteries included; 5-year product warranty.

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