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Concord Basics Fingertip Pulse Oximeter photo 004

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concord basics fingertip pulse oximeter photo 004 247x300 - Concord Basics Fingertip Pulse Oximeter photo 004

Concord Basics Fingertip Pulse Oximeter photo 004
The Concord Basics Finger Pulse Oximeter provides everything that you need to keep an eye on your pulse rate (PR) and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels in a convenient, easy-to-use package. This fingertip oxygen monitor is designed with ease of use in mind – featuring a bright and large LED screen along with simple controls, so that you can get accurate readings even in the dark or with poor eyesight. Having the proper oxygen saturation in your blood is imperative, and utilizing this oximeter on a regular basis will ensure that you are informed if your levels change. Additionally, you will be able to carefully monitor your pulse rate for any unusual fluctuations. An Oximeter for fast, convenient monitoring of blood oxygen saturation. This portable oximeter includes a comfortable lanyard that allows you to keep it close at all times. There’s also a sturdy case that keeps it safe while it’s being transported. Its shock resistant rubber cover protects it from damage. Because it comes with a one-year warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee you can purchase it with confidence. Perfect for sports/aviation use and not intended for medical use. Concord Health Supply, located in the Chicago area, is a global leader in pulse oximetry and these oximeters are manufactured to their specifications. Experts in oximeters, Concord Health Supply sells a broad selection of the best pulse oximeters including wrist oximeters, handheld oximeters and table top oximeters for neonatal, infant, pediatric and adult monitoring (also available with alarms) for spot checks and overnight/continuous use from manufacturers such as Concord, Nonin and Masimo. You can depend on accurate and reliable products and a knowledgeable staff of experts. If you ever need support or guidance they are available with a click or a phone call.