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Cornucopia Brands Timed Water Bottles photo 02

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cornucopia brands timed water bottles photo 02 241x300 - Cornucopia Brands Timed Water Bottles photo 02

Cornucopia Brands Timed Water Bottles photo 02
32-Ounce Timed Water Bottle (Blue & Red Combo 2-Pack)

Make good hydration a goal with our 2-pack of timed water bottles. With two 32-ounce large water bottles, this is enough to get you through the day . . . or you can opt for a refill. You get one blue and one red container in this economy combo. Get inspired to get drinking . . . water! Markings give you goals for both AM & PM.

Great for on the go. Use these bottles at home, at work, at school, during travel or for sports & leisure. Take your bottles hiking, bicycling, climbing, and running or to aerobics or your gym workout.


Bottles have goal markings for morning & afternoon in clear white print that shows up well against the colored background.

Screw-on, screw-off top.

Lids have a plastic collar strap, so no lost lids, also provides a loop for fastening.

Wide mouth makes these bottles . . .

. . .easy to clean

. . .easy to drink from

. . .easy to add ice or fruit to

Wide base means this won’t tip over like narrower bottles.

Capacity: 32 ounces = 4 cups = 1 quart = 950 milliliters; Size: 8.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches diameter. Mouth opening 2 inches wide.


This bottle is dishwasher safe, but it may be easier to wash the integrated lid if washing by hand, and would recommend top rack so as not to damage the labeling.

This bottle is too wide for a standard cup holder. If you are in the car a lot, we recommend a cup holder expander–the same one you used to use for your biggie coke!

Tritan plastic is a newer variety of plastic that is trademarked. It has been tested to be bpa-free and safe. It is a popular variety of plastic because it “looks like glass.” It is also known for not giving an aftertaste to the water yet having the convenience of sturdy plastic.