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Jeestam Color Screen Fitness Tracker photo 06

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jeestam color screen fitness tracker photo 06 300x279 - Jeestam Color Screen Fitness Tracker photo 06

Jeestam Color Screen Fitness Tracker photo 06

Warm Tip:

1.Charge the fitness tracker before first use.(Just take the host off the strap and put the side with metal chip into the USB Port. Please rotate the watch to charge it, Until the red light is on. If the red indicator is not on please try other sockets.)
2.How to synchronize/pair the tracker to my phone?
a.Download the App: VeryFitPro ( You can download it from Apple Store or Google Store)
b.Set VeryFitPro as a trusted app on your phone’s app permission manager.
c.Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone.
d.Open “VeryFitPro”, search and tap on the device named “ID115Plus Color HR” to your phone. The bracelet will vibrate to remind you when the connection is successful.
(Please be careful not to connect directly via the phone’s Bluetooth, otherwise it may affect the connection of other Bluetooth devices.)

3.To sync the latest detailed data to the app, please manually swipe down the home page of the app.
4.About SMS and SNS Remind:
a.Make sure the bracelete is paired with your phone successfully.
b.After turning on SMS alert function,remember to tap on √ icon to save.

5.If the wristband screen turns black: Please upgrade the device or restart the device in the app first. If it still doesn’t work, please let us know and we will immediately send you a new one.
6.The bracelet and the APP must be successfully connected, if the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, then the weather cannot be updated.

7.In order to improve the accuracy of the heart rate, we recommend that you wear it 1-2 inches above the wrist bone and place its back tightly on the skin (muscle).
8.About the step: Walk casually and continuously by 100 steps or more to test the accuracy, if the difference variance within +/-5%, it’s normal.(Under normal mode, to avoid wrong judgement for arm movement, it will reset automatically if you continue to walk less than 30 steps.)