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Jungles Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring

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jungles universal tire pressure monitoring photo 6 - Jungles Universal Tire Pressure MonitoringTitle : Jungles Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Color Display Car Cigarette Lighter Power Internal Anti-Theft Sensors Real-time Highly Accurate Car TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor
Description :

Display Parameters:

Model:U903 TL

Working temperature: (- 20 ℃ ~ +80 ℃)

Storage temperature: (- 30 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃)

Receiving frequency: 433.92MHz

Size (L * W * H): about 80*38*12mm

Weight: about 39g

Sensor parameters:
Working temperature: (- 40 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃)

Storage temperature: (- 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃)

Pressure range: 0 ~ 116psi (0 ~ 8bar)

Pressure accuracy: ± 1.5PSI (± 0.1bar)

Temperature accuracy: ± 3 ℃

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

Battery Model: CR2032 (internal)

Battery capacity: 230 mAh (internal)

Battery voltage: 3V

Battery life: over 3 years (internal)

Size(approx.): Height: 60*30*15mm/2.35*1.18*0.59in (internal)

Weight: about 48g (internal)

How to use:

1,Power the display first,

2,Turn on the display,

3,Then install the sensors one by one.


The product has been optimally configured before we send it from the factory, so it can be used directly when you receive it. It is not recommended to set up the product before you can use it skilled.


1*U903 TPMS Display

4*TPMS sensors



1*Cigarette lighter

1*Tire valve

1*Power cable

1*Special prompt sticker

Features :

  • – The devices can be directly plugged in the car cigarette lighter ,4 internal sensors which can be replaceabled battery DIY. Real-time highly accurate tire temperature and pressure, four rounds of data shown simultaneously.
  • – To save fuel, quickly detect air leakage and alarm so as to extend tire life and balance tire pressure for ensuring the safety of motor vehicles.
  • – PSI, BAR two kinds of pressure units available, ℃ temperature units available. TPMS dedicated radio frequency technology, the sensor can update data at real time. It will alarm quickly when the tire pressure and temperature is abnormal.
  • – Each sensor with a separate ID code which has been matched correspondently before delivery for direct installation, tire position is with interchangeable function.
  • – Using TPMS dedicated Freescale chip program for more stable and reliable signal and more accurate monitoring data to ensure traffic safety

jungles universal tire pressure monitoring photo 1 - Jungles Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring jungles universal tire pressure monitoring photo 002 - Jungles Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring

Brand: Jungles
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