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No Knot Wrist or Ankle


no knot wrist or ankle photo 003 - No Knot Wrist or AnkleTitle : No Knot Wrist or Ankle Band for Fitbit Inspire, Flex, Flex 2, Alta, or One
ASIN : B076136FYY
Description : Looking for a more stylish and comfortable way to wear your Fitbit? This band securely holds the Fitbit (select from Inspire, Flex/Flex 2, Alta, or One) in a small pocket made from satin elastic and fabric. Wear it on your ankle to ensure you get your steps when your arms aren’t moving. The band is SECURE and COMFORTABLE! It has an overlapping pocket to fully insert the Fitbit. It has a hook and loop fastener as shown in pictures. Material is completely soft and non-scratchy on inside of wrist or ankle. Bands are one inch wide and are adjustable in sizes small, medium, and large. May be hand washed and air dried. To use: 1. Push into pocket opening as far as it will go, part of your Fitbit will still show. 2. Pull other side of pocket over the Fitbit part that is still showing. Your Fitbit will be completely covered by overlapping pocket. 3. If you can see your Fitbit it is not correctly inserted. **All HR devices may not give an accurate heart rate because the device will be fully covered in pocket.

no knot wrist or ankle photo 1 - No Knot Wrist or Ankle no knot wrist or ankle photo 002 - No Knot Wrist or Ankle
Category: Fitness Tracker Bands & Straps
Brand: Twirling Tiny Sticks, LLC
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