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nsd swim trainer system picture 2 - NSD Swim Trainer System ::Title : NSD Swim Trainer System :: Includes Swim Tracker Device, Swim Belt, 2 Swim Tethers, USB Charging Cable & User Guide :: Tracks, Logs & Analyzes Speed, Strokes & More Via iOS & Android Apps
Description : Track, analyze & improve your swim with the NSD Swim Trainer System. Kit includes NSD Swim tracker device, flotation swim belt, 2 tether cords, USB charger cable & user manual.

Ready to boost your swim performance & attain your fitness goals? Get NSD Swim. It’s the first swim tracker system that combines wearable technology with stationary resistance equipment… to give you complete precision training, tracking & analysis.

Ideal for swimmers at all levels – coaches, pros & amateurs alike. Measures Virtually All Aspects of Your Swim The heart of your swim training system is NSD Swim, a sleek, compact device with built-in Bluetooth 4.0. To activate NSD Swim, simply download the free NSD Swimmer app to your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

•Strap on the iSwim swim belt (adjustable for waist sizes up to 53″)
• Secure your swim tethers to any stationary poolside object and to your swim belt (with your NSD Swim device in between)
• Start swimming in place As you swim, NSD Swim will:
• Count your strokes
•Measure distance between strokes
•Display time & average speed
•Count calories burned
• Provide your SWOLF score & much more .

Best of all, it will deliver your data to your phone or tablet in real time, so you can instantly see how you’re doing. You can even video-record your swim.

It’s Like Having a Personal Swim Coach NSD Swim can turn even a small backyard pool into a professional swim lab. Plus, it’s compatible with popular free apps like Apple Health and Google Fit. Add to cart right away.
Features :

  • Your Own Digital Swim Coach: NSD Swim Tracker logs time & speed, counts strokes & calories, measures distance between strokes & more to help you improve. No other swim aid we’ve seen does so much.
  • Turns Any Pool Into an Endless Swim Lab: Simply attach 1 tether to your swim belt & 1 to any poolside fixture. Works for swim-in-place resistance training in ponds, too. (Belt & 2 tethers included.)
  • Record Your Swim: Want to critique your performance? Simply switch to video mode & easily capture real-time video footage… complete with play-by-play statistics. Why pay for expensive swim lessons?
  • Get Fitness Data in Real Time: Your NSD swim monitor has Bluetooth 4.0, so it delivers your data – from strokes to SWOLF scores – directly to your phone or tablet. Works with any Android or iOS device.
  • Free Apple & iOS Apps: Download the NSD Swimmer App then easily adjust settings for your daily log, training, challenge & analysis. Also compatible with Apple Health & Google Fit.

nsd swim trainer system picture 01 - NSD Swim Trainer System :: nsd swim trainer system picture 2 - NSD Swim Trainer System ::
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