Title : Posture Trainer Back and Lumbar Support
Description : Check the firmness of the support and inflate or deflate to your liking using the free air pump that is included with your purchase. The zipper at the bottom of the cover allows for easy access to the air valve to adjust for maximum comfort. Place the rounded edge upright, with the flat portion of the Posture Trainer against the back of the chair. Tie the straps around the back of your chair. Sit down into the chair and use the Posture Trainer as a wedge between the back of the chair and your back. Now, depending on your size, gently lift the Posture Trainer up from the bottom of the chair so that the rounded convex portion of the support fits either parallel to or slightly below your shoulder blades. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! To clean your Posture Trainer just wipe with a damp cloth. The majority of the Posture Trainer users find the back support very comfortable and adapt immediately or very quickly, however, a few users may find it difficult to adjust initially because the change in posture seems foreign to them and possibly uncomfortable during this transition process. This is normal. Please hang in there. Your patience will be rewarded! To those users we suggest that you take it slow initially-and start by using the Posture Trainer for 10 to 15 minutes at a time for the first couple of weeks to allow your spine to make a smooth transition to adjusting to being placed in proper alignment. It’s amazing how many users eventually say, “They don’t know how they were able to live without it!” Please note: The chair and computer are not included with purchase.
Features :

  • The Posture Trainer will make a difference in your life the moment you sit in the chair with it, because you will get that immediate WOW factor as it reduces pain and gently places your spine into perfect alignment! The Posture Trainer was awarded the “Gold Medal” in the category of Wellness/Fitness at INPEX, the largest International Trade Show for Inventors in the U.S. and is listed as the best high-end back support by Wiki.ezvid.
  • Most back supports only support the Lumbar Spine. The Posture Trainer’s unique, patented air-flow design supports the user’s “ENTIRE BACK,” beginning with the Thoracic spine (the mid-back-and longest portion of the spine), and extending down to the Sacrum (the lowest portion of the spine). The Sacrum forms the foundation to which the spine gains stability. This allows the user to sit “PAIN FREE” for hours at a time.
  • The revolutionary design of the Posture Trainer provides gentle resistance, while simultaneously lengthening the spine; restoring postural alignment and structural integrity. It corrects incorrect posture by eliminating, or greatly reducing forward head and forward shoulder posture, which are the main culprits of back and neck pain as well as a whole array of very significant health-related issues.
  • The Posture Trainer can be inflated or deflated to customize the support to each user’s specific comfort level and preferences. It is made of a material that doesn’t break down, if used properly. Most other back supports use memory foam that doesn’t offer resistance and allows the user’s back to sink back into unhealthy, dysfunctional posture.
  • Beyond its use for people that sit in a chair, the Posture Trainer has proven itself to be highly effective for people who travel by Plane, Bus, or Train, Pregnant Women and Breast-Feeding Mom’s, People with Multiple Sclerosis, Ambulatory Patients, People who have had Multiple Back Surgeries, Runners, Cross-Fit Athletes, people who do Yoga and Pilates, and the list goes on and on.

Posture Trainer Back and Lumbar Support Posture Trainer Back and Lumbar Support
Category: Lumbar Supports
Brand: Posture Trainer
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