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Saturn Portable (No-Battery) 12v Electric


saturn portable no battery 12v electric image 6 - Saturn Portable (No-Battery) 12v ElectricTitle : Saturn Portable (No-Battery) 12v Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Kayak, Paddle Board
Description : Air pump adapter(s) supports Air Valves – This pump is suitable for the products that are using the HR (Halkey-Roberts), Bravo or similar type air valve. This kind of air valve has a turning pin at the middle to control the valve’s Open & Closed position. There are universal valve adapters supplied with the pump to fit it. We have the Pump in Kite version that comes with Kite Adapters. Please know the Kite version pump also good for Inflatable boats and all application same as the regular pump version.

Using this pump – Hook up cables to 12v external battery (red to + and black to -). Set the desired pressure by using the Set Pressure button. The set pressure will be shown on the right hand side on the LCD screen. (10KPa = 100mbr = 1.45 PSI). Factory default working pressure is set as 25 KPa (3.6 PSI). This pressure is suitable for most inflatable boats. Attach adapter to hose’s one end. Attach Hose another end to the left outlet on the pump. Push on the POWER switch button. Pump Automatically Stops when Set Pressure Is Reached.

Using for Deflation – Pump can also deflate the same chamber too. Attach the yellow hose to right, the deflation side of the pump port (round outlet with notches). Attach the other end to the chamber you wish to deflate and start the pump.

Warranty – For recreational using the electrical control boards, motor are guaranteed for 2 years. Air hose, valve adapters and carrying bag are guaranteed for 6 months. Warranty for commercial use is limited to six months from date of purchase. Pump Should be sent back to us for repairs.
Features :

  • Dual Stage Electric Air Pump – Turbo Fan and High Pressure modes
  • Turbo Fan Stage: Max Pump Air 500L per Minute, Dual Cylinder Stage: Max Pressure Support 80 Kpa / 11.6 PSI
  • Comes with 8 universal Air Valve Adapters different diameters, Built-in Digital Air Gauge; Air Hose Kit, 6 ft Power Cable with alligator clips, Carrying Bag, Light Weight – Only 6 Lbs
  • Pressure Setting from 1 PSI to 11.6 PSI, Switch between KPa and PSI reading, Increments 1 Kpa (0.15 PSI), Digital Display, Monitoring Set Pressure and Current Pressure.
  • Pump Automatically Stops when Set Pressure Is Reached. LCD Back Light. Pump is Dual Action – Inflates & Deflates, has 2 ports – inflate and deflate. New Reinforced Piston Technology And New Higher Quality Internal Parts. SATURN Yellow Limited 2 Years Warranty.

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Brand: Saturn
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